Mary Jane Services Network

Our Mission

Mary Jane Services Network is here to support the growth, sustainability, and prosperity of cannabusinesses. 

We handle the documentation essential for licensing and provide the tools and resources required for long-term success in the ever-expanding cannabis industry. 


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The Vision

Cannabis is coming out of the dark and into the light. Coming out of the dark of ignorance, stigma, and black markets; and rising into the light of science, education, and legalization. We are in the midst of creating a new world with an elevated cannabis culture, where we each have a greater awareness of our own wellbeing –and with cannabis– a heightened ability to take care of our individual health needs.

At Mary Jane Services Network, we are inspired to do our part to help cultivate this new world in which cannabis is respected as the source for health and wellbeing that it is, and in which the vast range of cannabis products are widely available to support a regular healthy lifestyle. After legalization, the first step towards this vision is for cannabusinesses to achieve local and state licensing for regulated cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and distribution of cannabis products. Our role at MJSN is to help make each licensing process manageable, clear, and successful so that the cannabis industry can prosper and our cannabis culture can thrive.

As we all continue to become educated on the beneficial properties and medical uses that cannabis has to offer, and as the cannabis industry continues to grow strong, together we are pioneering this new world of empowered businesses and empowered individuals, where it can be win-win for all. MJSN is thrilled to be doing our part to help make this vision a reality.

MJSN founder, Seana-Marie Sesma

MJSN Founder, Seana-Marie Sesma